The YLA Leadership Development Programme focusses on leadership training and development of current and future leaders.

• to impart leadership skills to current and future leaders,
• to develop excellence in character and
• to inspire a sense of generosity.

A unique feature of this programme is that all attendees are mentored. The LDP can be best described as,

“Training of Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.”



Students mentored year-long,
and we can’t wait for more...

Do I know?
That perception is not reality
That change starts with me
That I can control that is within.

Tshililo Thomas Radzilani,
SARS Executive Manager,
Participant, December 2015.

Executive LDP

• Learner-centred, organic structure that allows participants to share their leadership experiences to create relevant learning outcomes
• Use of interactive and experiential activities to promote high engagement and a motivational learning environment
• Learn to move from the above-the-line way of managing - systems, structures, processes and timelines to incorporate the below-the-line way of leading with consultation, relationship and information; from the rational to the non-rational; from the complicated to the complex; and being exposed to the “U” Theory of Leadership

Youth LDP

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for Youth focusses on leadership training and on the development of the youth. It aims amongst other things:
• to impart leadership skills to current and future leaders,
• to develop excellence in character and
• to inspire a sense of generosity.

Family LDP

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for Children in Family Businesses focusses on leadership training and development of the children in Family Businesses. Their privileged positions also results in some unique challenges that they face, some of which are that many of them have come into the businesses straight out of school or university with very little, if any, work experience. They have generally not gone through any selection process and interviews that non-family employees have to endure. Their promotion in the business is not always based on merit. The handling of non-performance by some children in the businesses is very sensitive and so is succession planning. If these challenges are not adequately managed it could lead to the death of the businesses.

Religious Scholars LDP

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for `Ulama focusses on leadership training and development of the `Ulama. Many `Ulama have generally had a limited exposure to formal leadership training and development. They, however, often find themselves in leadership positions in schools, Madrassas, Masjids, NGO’s and other bodies.

Read to Lead

Adv. Mahomed Vahed and Edris Khamissa have been appointed by the Department of Basic Education as their official “Literacy Ambassador” for the Read to Lead campaign. The Khamissa Vahed Public Speaking and Leadership Academy has also partnered with the Dept. of Basic Education to roll out their public speaking and leadership programmes to 26 000 schools nationally.

The Young Leaders Academy has partnered with Growing Leaders to bring the Habitudes® leadership programme to South Africa. Adv. Mahomed Vahed, the founder of Young Leaders Academy, visited the US where he was trained under Dr Tim Elmore on the Habitudes® programme. It has been successfully rolled out nationally at schools, universities, NGO’s, and corporates, where it has proved to be extremely successful.


holds an LLM degree and has 20 years of diverse legal experience. He was a Magistrate, a practicing Advocate and a University Law Lecturer. He also has 15 years of Islamic Banking experience, the last five years as an Executive. Adv. Vahed now pursues his passion of leadership development and training working with executives at business schools, with university students via the Young Leaders Academy, with religious scholars, and with school children. He lectures on leadership to MBA students, and does mentoring, motivational speaking and conducts workshops on public speaking. He has co-ordinated an Islamic Finance, Banking and Law course at tertiary institutions for many years. He is a prolific writer having authored eleven books, with his last two on public speaking.