Executive Leadership Development Programme


  • To expose participants to the fact that they have to get to know themselves first before leading others
  • To allow participants to experience profound personal and leadership transformation
  • To teach participants how to lead in a Complex World
  • To equip participants with a range of new ideas and understanding
  • To cause participants to be disturbed – to move them from the safety of a traditional programme that has a set curriculum that covers set topics to the unknown and the novel
  • To challenge the participants to step into a complex space where they will be challenged to examine and explore their basic beliefs and assumptions
  • Philosophy

  • Learner-centred, organic structure that allows participants to share their leadership experiences to create relevant learning outcomes
  • Use of interactive and experiential activities to promote high engagement and a motivational learning environment
  • Learn to move from the above-the-line way of managing - systems, structures, processes and timelines to incorporate the below-the-line way of leading with consultation, relationship and information; from the rational to the non-rational; from the complicated to the complex; and being exposed to the “U” Theory of Leadership
  • Course Outline

    1. The Complicated vs. the Complex World - Understanding the difference between the Complicated World and today’s Complex World
    2. Perceptions - Experiencing through practical examples the meaning of Perceptions and how we are prone to be guilty of it
    3. Discovering Yourself – (1) “Who Am I?” - Getting to know “Who I really am?” and realising that change begins with me & (2) Managing Hinge Moments - To become aware of personal triggers and blind spots and how to manage them
    4. Meetings and “Group Think” in Meetings - Learning how to get the best out of members at meetings and to avoid the scourge of “Group Think” in meetings
    5. Mindfulness - Being Present in the Second Circle; understanding the Myth of Multi-Tasking, & Practical Examples of being present in the moment
    6. Leadership Styles - Learning your personal leadership style
    7. World After Midnight: The Old & New Way of Leading - Appreciating that the world has moved very fast whilst we have been sleeping; and to move from the old to the new way of leading
    8. African Leadership
    9. Interactive team-building activities interspersed throughout the programme