Youth Leadership Development Programme

Course Outline

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for Youth focusses on leadership training and on the development of the youth.
It aims amongst other things:.

• to impart leadership skills to current and future leaders,
• to develop excellence in character and
• to inspire a sense of generosity.

A unique feature of this programme is that all attendees are mentored. The YLA programme can be best described as the, “Training of Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.”
Q. What is the duration of the programme?
A. One year comprising of monthly half day workshops on a Saturday and a one full day workshop. These can be customised for the needs of specific audiences such as corporates, NGO’s, Religious Organisations and schools.

Q. What is the maximum and minimum number that can be accommodated on the programme?
A. Maximum of 50 to a minimum of three to five for organisations.

Q. Do you have to be a youth to be on the programme?
A. No. Whilst it is aimed at the youth, persons of all ages can participate as every one of us is a leader in his or her own right and many of us may not have been exposed to leadership training in our lives.

Q. Can learners from primary school be on the programme?
A. Yes. The programme can be customised for them.

Q. When did the programme commence?
A.In 2014 with a group of about 30 African learners from primary and high school and a few university students at the MA Motala Centre in Wyebank, Durban. We ran it for six months and it proved to be quite successful in motivating the learners in excelling at school and also building their self-esteem.
In 2015 we rolled the project out in Durban to mainly African university students, of different faiths, and to those recently in employment. There were 22 in all and 14 graduated at a ceremony at REGENT Business School on 26 November 2016.
By all accounts the programme was a huge success with the participants having acquired many skills and many of them having come out of their shell and becoming more self-confident. Many of them have found new purpose and direction in life with some of them having completely changed their line of studies or their jobs, having now found their passion and calling.
The 2016 intake comprises of 50 participants.

Q. Who are the facilitators and what is their experience?
A. The programme has been developed and is conducted by Adv. Mahomed Vahed, who has had 20 years of diverse legal experience as a Magistrate, Advocate and Law Lecturer at UKZ-N; he has been a Bank Executive for five years; and has been conducting leadership training and public speaking workshops for Business Schools, corporates, schools, religious organisations and the public for many years. He has published 11 books, the last two on Public Speaking and is a director of a Public Speaking Academy. Other facilitators are experts in their respective fields.

Q. What are the topics covered?
A. Some of the topics are: (1) Perceptions and Prejudices; (2) Discovering Yourself comprising of - Who am I? Change begins with me; What is preventing me from changing; Managing hinge moments; Discovering my passion? If not now than when? (3) Giving is the greatest joy; (4) Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People comprising of - Being proactive; Planning ahead; Time-management; Conflict resolution; Understanding others’ needs first; Working in teams; Self-development; (5) Conducting meetings & Group Think in meetings; (6) Teamwork; (7) The Joys of Public Speaking; (8) Diversity Management; (9) Apartheid –The reality and the impact; (10) The leadership role of the youth. (11) Securing your financial future in the shortest possible time

Q. What does the programme cost?
A. Fees are kept at a nominal amount and determined by the number of participants and the audience.

Q. Where is the programme held?
A. At a central venue in Durban. This can be extended to schools, local communities and to other regions nationally.

Q. Are bursaries made available?
A. Yes, for deserving participants.

Graduation 2017